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Engagement Models

At AtigoSystems we offer different pricing models to serve our clients based on their budgets and project requirements. Our final proposals take into account customer’s budget and long term cost for any web application we develop, thus giving customer a clear view of the Total Cost of Ownership from the very start.

  • Fixed Cost and Time:

  • When the scope and feature list of the project is fairly clear and the deliverables are clearly defined. This low risk mode works best and Clients have a clear view of their total cost of the project from the very beginning. This model is best suited for small projects where scope, timeline and requirements of the project are well defined. The exact Cost and timeline are agreed on prior to project is started.

  • Time and Materials:

  • In many cases the project scope, requirements and specifications cannot be defined precisely and requirements change dynamically during the project, this model provides the flexibility needed in such a project. This model is best suited when projects that are spread over months and years; this model offers long term savings and high degree of flexibility. Project is billed at pre-defined Hourly rate based on hours utilized every month; we ensure tracking and transparency about the hours dedicated to your project.

  • Custom Engagement Model:

  • We understand sometimes every project does not fix in the same model, so we can build a custom engagement model if clients require one. This can be a combination of Fixed Price and Time & Materials model.

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