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A Content Management System (CMS) lets you easily manage your website content (text, pictures, videos, audio, embedded graphics, users, documents and website code etc.) with no technical knowledge allowing you to update information quickly and efficiently on your website, eliminating the ongoing cost of website updates.

When selecting a content management system there are multiple options available from custom CMS Website Development to commercial CMS to Open source CMS, it is critical to select the right one. A content management system should always be selected once the website goals, website growth and business workflow have been clearly defined as this can save countless hours and money. For Example if you need a Small Website that is informational a CMS system like WordPress web design may be a prefect options or for a large website that has multiple authors, permissions, accommodate very high visitor traffic and website load, a more powerful open source solutions like Drupal web development, Joomla website or Custom CMS website might be a better choice.

CMS Website Should be the First Choice

  • Ease of updating your website: Non-Technical people can easily and quickly update content on your website without the need for relying on developers.
  • Growth and Scalability: Content management system based website gives your website the ability to grow as your business and website traffic grows.
  • Better Security: CMS websites are more secure compared to non-cms websites as it gives the ability to minutely control access to the website.
  • Reduced Total cost of ownership: With ease of updating the website reduces the overall cost of website update and maintenance.
  • SEO Friendly: Search Engines and website visitors love new content and a dynamic website. Ability to update the website content with ease keeps the website fresh with content. In addition CMS offers the ability to update Meta tags and other On page SEO factors with few clicks.
  • Workflow integration: For an SME/large Enterprise where there are multiple website authors, need for approvals, user permissions to website, a CMS website can accommodate the business workflow to increase efficiency, control and standards.

CMS Web Design with a Difference

Selecting the right CMS from the get go can result in huge savings in the long run, this is where we come in and help you select the best CMS. At AvigoSystems a CMS web design company, our CMS developers work with customers to select the right content management system based on business goals, ease of use for your staff, requires minimal training, future maintenance, upgrades and total cost of ownership. Every CMS website development implementation includes complete training for your staff and an easy to follow CMS guide on how to manage your website.

AtigSystems offers a team of expert CMS developer and wide range of Content Management Systems from Open Source CMS to Commercial to Custom CMS Solutions:

  • Drupal Website Design
  • Joomla Website Design
  • WordPress Website Design
  • EPiServer CMS
  • Magento Experts
  • Custom Built CMS and others

Open Source CMS Development Company

  • Cost Effective no Licensing fees.
  • Customizable based on business needs.
  • Scalable to accommodate growth.
  • Large Support and Developer community.
  • SEO friendly and SEO support
  • Add features by simply adding plugins.
  • Could be limiting in some cases if there is a Specific business need.

Custom CMS Development Company

  • Developed based on your specific Business Needs.
  • Complete control of your website.
  • WYSIWYG Editor or custom editor for ease of Publishing and content updates.
  • Integration of your business Workflow.
  • Works with any website design.
  • Built for growth and can scale as the website grows.
  • Browser based website administration.
  • No Licensing fees.

Our Price

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Hi, I just wanted to say Thank you. Our Website redesign and SEO have been a great investment and we are very pleased with the results. Your team’s efforts are paying off with phone traffic and Internet inquiries. Anytime you need a reference have them call us.

C Hamilton- President / AVID Resources